October 7, 2011

Artistic Academy’s September Full Time Student of the Month

Kim Kowal – Full Time, Cosmetology

September’s full time Artistic Academy Student of the Month Kim has a lot of aspirations.  She is due to graduate shortly and loves to do color.  Kim hopes to start out as an assistant in a salon and eventually get her own chair.  Further down the road, she would like to take her salon experience and apply as a cosmetology retail professional, selling quality cosmetology products.

At Artistic Academy Kim says she loves the excellent support she receives from the educational staff.  She also feels that the organization of the program helps students make the most of their experience.  She says that a key to success is to “Be determined and make the most of every opportunity.”.   Artistic Academy cannot wait to what opportunities this talented and determined young cosmetologist will encounter.  Congratulations Kim, from everyone at Artistic Academy!!!

May 18, 2011

Artistic Academy’s April 2011 Students of the Month

Azreta Halilovic

Part Time Cosmetology Student

Azreta’s drive to become a great colorist and eventually even own a salon has helped her be successful in the classroom and become April’s “Student of the Month” at Artistic Academy.  She attributes the positive attitudes of her cosmetology educators with teaching her the skills necessary to become a great cosmetologist.  Her hard work in the classroom has helped her to be comfortable and confident in the student clinic where she especially enjoys using Lakme to color her clients hair.




Amanda Conforti

Full Time Cosmetology Student

Amanda’s outgoing personality makes her an ideal candidate for “Student of the Month” for the month of April at Artistic Academy.  She enjoys learning something new everyday and is not afraid to step up any tasks in the classroom.  Amanda especially enjoys doing finish work on her clients, giving them blow outs and up-dos.  She eventually would like to become a full time stylist in a salon.


March 18, 2011

Artistic Academy is Gorgeously (and Generously) Green

Today and last night the students of Artistic Academy in Morris Plains, New Jersey showed off their creativity and skills with hair and make up to raise money for City of Hope in a contest to see who could be the “greenest”.  The students raised $650.00 for the City of Hope Cancer and Diabetes Research Center.  Everyone got into the spirit especially the daytime class’ winner, Chloe Malfitano.

January 19, 2011

Beauty Careers Open Doors For Opportunity in the US

In a letter to the editor of USA Today (please find the full letter here ), Jim Cox, the Executive Director of the American Association of Cosmetology Schools cited the uncertainty of certain occupations the current job market versus those that offer stability and growth; jobs in the beauty industry are in demand and offer a tremendous amount of potential growth.  The article, posted on USA Today’s website January 13, 2011, states there is expected growth in many positions under the umbrella of health and beauty professionals, specifically citing “skin care specialists”.  Mr. Cox says “In bad times, people still want to look good in order to find, or keep, a job. And until someone can get a facial on the Internet or a haircut from a call center, these jobs won’t be outsourced.”

The article also mentions that many Americans are also able to start their own businesses and still be successful, with a record number of start-up businesses in recent years.  The ability of many beauty professionals to operate as their own employers or to start their own small business, the demand for beauty services offers a lot of opportunity.  Jim Cox believes this leads to rewarding careers in beauty because the industry offers such a rich “work/life balance” that allows individuals to get exactly what they want from a career in beauty.

Artistic Academy in Morris Plains, New Jersey offers full time and part time courses in Cosmetology or Aesthetics (Skin Care Specialty) designed to meet the demands of today’s beauty industry.  With financial aid for those who qualify, the opportunity for a rewarding career in beauty is only a phone call away.

September 29, 2010

Artistic Academy and Lakme USA

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Artistic Academy is proud to utilize Lakme USA as its professional  color line of choice.  The Lakme family of color includes:  Collage, Gloss and K. blondes.  The product line is new to the United States, but has been utilized in countries throughout the world for over 12 years.  DePasquale Salon Systems, Artistic Academy’s sister company, is the distributor for the U.S.

Artistic Academy’s cosmetology students are well trained in both the artistic application of color, and the science that goes behind it.  They are having great success in their Student Salon with Lakme color.

As the distribution of Lakme color grows, so does the number of trained, qualified graduates from Artistic Academy.  Many of the salons in the state of New Jersey are embracing Lakme color and are thrilled to find capable, artistic, and knowledgeable graduated from Artistic Academy.  www.artisticacademy.com

April 23, 2010

Artistic Academy Shows Up For Prom In Style

Spring is in the air at Artistic Academy in Morris Plains, NJ. To celebrate the season, Artistic Academy’s cosmetology and aesthetics students chose “The Prom” as the theme for Artistic Design Day.  During Artistic Design Day cosmetology and aesthetics students compete in teams to put together a winning look, in this case, prom.  The students apply their knowledge of make-up, hairstyling and beauty culture to put together some amazing styles.

These same skills and knowledge are applied everyday in Artistic Academy’s Senior Student Salon and Spa.  Under the supervision of state licensed educators, senior cosmetology and aesthetics students expertly apply their craft creating looks to meet the needs of their clients.  With hair-cutting and styling as well as make-up application available, Artistic Academy’s Senior Student Salon and Spa can provide the look that will complete any prom experience, at a fraction of the cost.  Artistic Academy’s Senior Student Salon and Spa is able to handle both individual as well as group appointments.  Clients are encouraged to make reservations as soon as possible in order to guarantee accommodations.

To see Artistic Academy’s Senior Student Salon and Spa’s menu of services click here.

To make an appointment please call 973-656-1401 and select option 5.

April 16, 2010

Artistic Academy’s March 2010 Students of the Month

Cynthia Fasolo

Full Time Aesthetics Student

Cynthia’s positive attitude and hard work paid off in the month of March when she won “Student of the Month”.  Cynthia feels that the program itself is a not only a great education in the industry but a great preparation for the professional world.  “I can’t believe I’m doing what I always wanted to do, now!”  Coming from a career in a medical office and having raised a family, Cynthia’s desire and drive lead her to pursue further education regardless of difficulty.

“I don’t think anyone should let fear hold them back”

Neda Garemani

Part Time Aesthetics Student

Neda Garemani currently juggles a fulltime career, a family and a part time education; she has found the perfect balance that has allowed her to excel and earn her the title of “Student of the Month”.  Neda enjoys learning about different skin types and helping clients to meet their skin care goals for healthier skin.  She attributes her success to the comfortable, fun environment at Artistic Academy and the support of her family that has allowed her to be so dedicated in her studies.  Neda hopes to one day own her own spa, specializing in medical aesthetics.

March 19, 2010

Graduate’s Road to Success Started at Artistic Academy

Kattia Solano, an Artistic Academy graduate, was recently featured in the March issue of Modern Salon.  As a young girl of 12, Kattia knew she wanted to make her mark on the beauty industry.   Using her aunt’s cosmetology equipment she was playing the part at home.   After high school, Kattia enrolled at Artistic Academy to become a cosmetologist.  Upon graduating from Artistic Academy, Kattia started working at DePasquale, The Spa.

Following a productive career with DePasquale, Kattia began to work in New York City.  She was able to work with such great names as Fredrick Fekkai and John Barrett.  She was soon able to open her own salon, Butterfly Studio.  Kattia’s salon continues to grow and attract the attention of some of the industry’s top product lines.

Artistic Academy is very honored to have helped Kattia start on a path to a bright and prosperous career.  We wish her continued success and the same to all of our past graduates.

March 17, 2010

Artistic Academy Graduate’s Spring Style Featured in Modern Salon

Jacquelyn Sasso, a graduate of Artistic Academy, is creating styles that get noticed.  Jacquelyn was recently featured in the March issue of Modern Salon.  Building from a strong base of skills she acquired at Artistic Academy, hard work and ambition, she created a sleek and sexy spring look as featured in the article.

Artistic Academy was able to catch up with Jacquelyn and ask her how she was able to get ahead in the industry:

Artistic:  What advice would you give to a student just entering school or entering the field?

Jacquelyn:  My advice would be to keep going, when you start out in a salon assisting it can take up to 3 years to get your own chair. They had been many times where I wanted to quit out of frustration, when you reach that point work even harder. Go to every class that comes your way and jump at every learning opportunity, it will only make you better.

Artistic:  What do you love about the industry?

Jacquelyn:  I love waking up everyday and going to work knowing that I am going to make someone feel really great about themselves.

Artistic:  What part of your instruction do you feel was the most beneficial?

Jacquelyn:  I would probably say that client-stylist relationship and professionalism was most beneficial.

Artistic:  Why would you recommend Artistic Academy ?

Jacquelyn: Well, if you go there you will 99% pass state board! I knew that set like the back of my hand!

Artistic Academy is very proud of Jacquelyn’s success.   She is a fantastic example of an individual who used her professional training, coupled with a desire to succeed, to create limitless possibilities for herself.

March 11, 2010

Artistic Academy’s February 2010 Students of the Month

Amy Quimby

Full Time Day Cosmetology

Amy’s hard work and dedication has earned her the title of “Student of the Month” for February 2010.  Amy previously graduated from Artistic Academy’s Aesthetics course.  Amy has a passion for cutting and is also interested in doing bridal work.  She hopes to eventually own a salon someday.  She enjoys challenging herself and creating styles that are different that really express her vision.

“I think it is really interesting to look back and see how far I’ve come here at Artistic, it is very rewarding to see how much I have grown.”

Sibel Koyas

Part-Time Evening Cosmetology

Through her passion and exceptional performance, Sibel earned the honor of evening “Student of the Month” for February 2010.   Aspiring to one day own a salon herself, Sibel enjoys working with color the most.  The challenge to meet the client’s needs and expectations is very exciting to her.  Making people feel good about themselves is her favorite part of being a cosmetologist.

“As I learn new skills and techniques, I find myself loving this [cosmetology] more and more.”

At Artistic Academy, the “Student of the Month” is awarded to individuals that meet and exceed classroom expectations.  To qualify, students are recommended by their educators, because their exceptional performance.   The educational staff as team selects the “Student of the Month” from these recommendations.

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