March 19, 2010

Graduate’s Road to Success Started at Artistic Academy

Kattia Solano, an Artistic Academy graduate, was recently featured in the March issue of Modern Salon.  As a young girl of 12, Kattia knew she wanted to make her mark on the beauty industry.   Using her aunt’s cosmetology equipment she was playing the part at home.   After high school, Kattia enrolled at Artistic Academy to become a cosmetologist.  Upon graduating from Artistic Academy, Kattia started working at DePasquale, The Spa.

Following a productive career with DePasquale, Kattia began to work in New York City.  She was able to work with such great names as Fredrick Fekkai and John Barrett.  She was soon able to open her own salon, Butterfly Studio.  Kattia’s salon continues to grow and attract the attention of some of the industry’s top product lines.

Artistic Academy is very honored to have helped Kattia start on a path to a bright and prosperous career.  We wish her continued success and the same to all of our past graduates.

March 17, 2010

Artistic Academy Graduate’s Spring Style Featured in Modern Salon

Jacquelyn Sasso, a graduate of Artistic Academy, is creating styles that get noticed.  Jacquelyn was recently featured in the March issue of Modern Salon.  Building from a strong base of skills she acquired at Artistic Academy, hard work and ambition, she created a sleek and sexy spring look as featured in the article.

Artistic Academy was able to catch up with Jacquelyn and ask her how she was able to get ahead in the industry:

Artistic:  What advice would you give to a student just entering school or entering the field?

Jacquelyn:  My advice would be to keep going, when you start out in a salon assisting it can take up to 3 years to get your own chair. They had been many times where I wanted to quit out of frustration, when you reach that point work even harder. Go to every class that comes your way and jump at every learning opportunity, it will only make you better.

Artistic:  What do you love about the industry?

Jacquelyn:  I love waking up everyday and going to work knowing that I am going to make someone feel really great about themselves.

Artistic:  What part of your instruction do you feel was the most beneficial?

Jacquelyn:  I would probably say that client-stylist relationship and professionalism was most beneficial.

Artistic:  Why would you recommend Artistic Academy ?

Jacquelyn: Well, if you go there you will 99% pass state board! I knew that set like the back of my hand!

Artistic Academy is very proud of Jacquelyn’s success.   She is a fantastic example of an individual who used her professional training, coupled with a desire to succeed, to create limitless possibilities for herself.

March 11, 2010

Artistic Academy’s February 2010 Students of the Month

Amy Quimby

Full Time Day Cosmetology

Amy’s hard work and dedication has earned her the title of “Student of the Month” for February 2010.  Amy previously graduated from Artistic Academy’s Aesthetics course.  Amy has a passion for cutting and is also interested in doing bridal work.  She hopes to eventually own a salon someday.  She enjoys challenging herself and creating styles that are different that really express her vision.

“I think it is really interesting to look back and see how far I’ve come here at Artistic, it is very rewarding to see how much I have grown.”

Sibel Koyas

Part-Time Evening Cosmetology

Through her passion and exceptional performance, Sibel earned the honor of evening “Student of the Month” for February 2010.   Aspiring to one day own a salon herself, Sibel enjoys working with color the most.  The challenge to meet the client’s needs and expectations is very exciting to her.  Making people feel good about themselves is her favorite part of being a cosmetologist.

“As I learn new skills and techniques, I find myself loving this [cosmetology] more and more.”

At Artistic Academy, the “Student of the Month” is awarded to individuals that meet and exceed classroom expectations.  To qualify, students are recommended by their educators, because their exceptional performance.   The educational staff as team selects the “Student of the Month” from these recommendations.

March 5, 2010

Artistic Academy’s Student Salon Hosts a Beautiful Birthday

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There is nothing like spending time with those that matter.  Whether it is a special occasion or some much needed rest and relaxation, Artistic Academy can accommodate reservations for your group. 

It was Larissa’s big day, she was turning 13 and she wanted Artistic Academy to be a part of her celebration.  Larissa and her 5 friends came to Artistic Academy’s Student Salon and Spa to luxuriate in the services offered by the students.  Their day started with pedicures and facials to relax away their winter worries.  After the girls were relaxed and refreshed they had their hair and make-up expertly attended to by Artistic Academy students.

“I could not believe how knowledgeable and talented the students are!  I felt as if I were at an upscale salon” Larissa commented.  The young ladies left feeling great and picture perfect, in fact they were kind enough to share from their day of beauty.

Artistic Academy is very thankful that Larissa chose the Student Salon and Spa to make her birthday special and would like to wish her a very happy birthday and all of the best to her friends.

March 4, 2010

Artistic Academy’s Student Salon and Spa Can “Make Your Day”

At Artistic Academy, students not only receive instruction on the knowledge and skill required to be excellent cosmetologists and aestheticians but how to couple that with the ability to meet all of a client’s needs. A spa treatment can be can be a relaxing vacation that’s just a short drive away. A new haircut can be a new outlook, turning a day around in a positive direction. Artistic Academy students strive to master these skills in order to become truly great in their profession.

Before coming to Artistic Academy’s Student Salon, Beth Adamsky had never had professional color applied to her hair. But she wanted to do something special before her trip to Florida, she decided to have her hair highlighted. The students at Artistic Academy were more than happy to accommodate her.

This was also Beth’s first visit to Artistic Academy, she did not know what to expect. “The students were so nice, they made me feel very comfortable” she commented. After her appointment was finished, she left with brand new highlights and was ready to make the most of her upcoming vacation.

“I really needed this trip and was looking forward to getting away. I was so happy with what they did for me…this was the perfect way to start my vacation.”