“A school that changes lives........
I can’t tell you the confidence and independence I gained by going to the Artistic Academy.
The staff and teachers are composed of qualified, caring, fun and wonderful people that want you to succeed and be the best person you can be, which in turn making you into the best Estheticians and Cosmetologists !
Preparing you for the promise of success with a very well organized and dedicated staff giving you the knowledge you need to take the State board written and practical exams with ease.
The Artistic experience was definitely one that I will never forget. It was one of the best decisions of my life and I’m so grateful that I had the opportunity to go there. I would recommend Artistic Academy to anyone !
Thank you for all your amazing skill, guidance, knowledge, professionalism and support ! I’m so exited about my future!”
Rita Mondolfi, Esthetician Graduate 2014, Beautiful Skin Naturally, Owner & Founder

Artistic Academy is so much more than just a beauty school. Within the last five months my life has truly changed. The teachers have become friends, classmates have become family and this school has become my home. As scary as it is to finally go out into the world, I know I have been trained and prepared by the absolute best. The staff and students at Artistic Academy have helped me grow into a confident, independent and optimistic woman with a much better outlook on life. I am so proud to have went here. I can’t thank Artistic Academy enough for everything it has given me.”
Melissa Meyer, Class of 2014

“Artistic Academy exceeds the expectations of its educators, administrators, and students on a daily basis. While standards are continually being met, Artistic Academy strives to continually set newer and higher standards to produce better cosmetologists, aestheticians and student teachers.
What would an education be without the preparation for State Board? I know firsthand that I went into the examination room fully and completely prepared to take and pass my State Board written and practical tests. I held myself with a confidence that could only come from the knowledge of having the best training.
I can honestly say that Artistic Academy helped me not only fulfill a dream of being a cosmetologist, but it also helped me thrive in an industry by providing opportunities I could not have obtained elsewhere. Job placement and networking is crucial in this industry, and it was such a wonderful blessing not to have to go in alone! I dived headfirst into the beauty industry with the confidence that I had the best training I could possibly obtain. I had administrators, educators and classmates that I could count on for support and help!
Artistic Academy prepares you not only for the industry, but for the workplace! Instruction and guidance are given to help the transition from student to stylist be an easy and successful one!
I know I am where I am today because of Artistic Academy and for that, I am grateful!”
Hannah Jinks, Artistic Academy Graduate 2012

Dear Artistic Academy,
“Pretty sure you remember me, even though it’s been a while. It’s me, Manny Rolon, from the 2010 class of cosmetology. You have to remember me, you taught me all I needed to know to be 100% ready to take the state board exam. I’m that guy who couldn’t hold a Marcel with his right or left hand and now has done numerous photo shoots that have wound up in magazines. Remember I was super duper shy on my first week? Well now I have traveled and taught numerous classes based on my ideologies in hair cutting (which by the way you assisted my understanding of the fundamentals). Well anyways, I just wanted to check in with you and say thank you for teaching me all that you did. I figured you would like to know that I’m currently a senior level stylist at a really reputable salon in NJ and have also worked at some of the most well known salons in NY. I’m not sure what direction the wind will blow next, but what I am, is confident in my abilities and that is largely due to the education you have bestowed upon me. Thanks again, I know you have plenty more students to assist in becoming serious professionals.”
Take care,
Manny Rolon, Class of 2010

“As a graduate from Artistic Academy, I can truly say there is no cosmetology school that compares. From the moment you walk into the beautiful facility, you can see it’s the best. The caring teachers and staff, not only teach you the requirements you need to pass the State Board exam, but also prepare you for a professional career in the beauty industry and help you hone your skills and master the craft of hairdressing.
Artistic Academy goes above and beyond the curriculum, so much so, that as a part of the senior class of 2007 taking the practical exam, I was honored to set precedence at the State Board examination. We walked in as a team so focused, prepared, and in sync that the state board examiners and all other vocational schools watched our every move in admiration as we set precedence for greatness.
I can tell you I wouldn’t be where I am in my career today if it wasn’t for the solid foundation Artistic Academy provided me. Today, I’m a successful hairstylist with a following and fully booked five days a week. I’ve done numerous photo shoots for fashion clothing lines and models. My work has been published in industry magazines and featured on Nick Arrojo’s “Style Noted.”
This career will take you far and knowing the fundamentals is the first step of perusing your passion. Artistic Academy will give you the tools to get you there.”
Cepi Barbar, Senior Stylist at LifeSpa in Florham Park, Lifetime Athletic, Graduate of Artistic Academy 2007”