life skills

life skills

Our training reaches further than just curriculum and events. We assist our students in life-long skills necessary to job searching and everyday client interaction with additional assignments to build a strong business background and professional.

Character Awards – Interpersonal skills and communication are key to being successful in life and in the industry. Our underclassman start the year off with our Character Awards assignment to help build communication skills and camaraderie that will extend to the work environment.

Look Books –An excellent method to market and expose a professional’s creative work and talent, look books are a necessary item in the industry. Students get a chance to review look books and create their own.

Boot Camp Day – In a busy world with busy lives, time management is key to success. Educators and administrators give time management assignments a fun twist by turning the school into a boot camp. Students are expected to complete assignments within allotted times, giving students a real-world view on time constraints.