artistic academy post secondary scholarship

artistic academy post secondary scholarship
Artistic Academy Grants and Scholarships

Artistic Academy offers grants and scholarships. Students must submit applications and requirements by specified deadlines and maintain satisfactory academy progress.

ACE Grant

The Access to Cosmetology Education (ACE) Grant is awarded to the first one-third of all new starting classes that submit a completed application. This grant allows students to network with current salon or spa owners.


  • $250 for Aesthetics courses
  • $500 for Cosmetology courses
Artistic Academy’s Post-Secondary Scholarship

This scholarship is accessible to all graduates of a New Jersey high school, high school equivalency or GED program. A one-time scholarship will be awarded to two students from every qualifying school. Requirements and deadlines must be satisfied.


  • $500.00 for qualifying Aesthetics courses
  • $750.00 for qualifying Cosmetology courses