standard of progress

standard of progress


Satisfactory progress in attendance and academic work (written and practical examinations) is a requirement for all students enrolled in The Artistic Academy of Hair Design. Students receiving funds under any Title IV Financial Aid program must maintain satisfactory progress in order to continue eligibility of such funds. Students must maintain an overall academic average of 75% or higher, on all written and practical exams and must maintain an 80% or higher, attendance rate of their scheduled hours. Evaluations for attendance and academics will occur when cosmetology students reach 450 and 900 actual hours and aesthetics students reach 300 actual hours. For more information on the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy, see the school’s Policies & Procedures Manual.


Throughout the course, students will take examinations in every phase of study. Students must maintain a 75% GPA in order to be considered making satisfactory progress. The following factors will be measured to determine academic progress: written and practical examinations. The following grade scale is used to measure student’s performance:

  • 100 - 95= (A) Excellent
  • 94-85 (B) Good
  • 84-75 (C) Satisfactory
  • 74 Below (F) Failing

Students are expected to receive a grade of 75% or better on all tests, mirroring the minimum passing standard set forth on the State Board Exam. Students may re-take a failed exam one time to better their score.  The two grades will be averaged; the resulting score will be the standing score for the exam. 

Daily records are kept by the school for each student’s progress and attendance. Students will be given a written record of their progress periodically. If a student’s progress does not agree with the standards of the school, the student will be notified and placed on a warning. At the next period of evaluation should the student not meet the standards set forth by the school, their financial assistance will be terminated. In addition, the student may be suspended or expelled from the school. For more information on the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy, see the school’s Policies & Procedures Manual.


A complete written copy of the school’s Policies and Procedures is given to each student at the time of enrollment. The student must read and acknowledge in writing, that they understand and agree to the terms of the policies and procedures. These policies include but are not limited to tardiness, absences, conduct, and make-up work as well as terms for suspension and /or termination.


In order to manage the school in an effective, fair, professional and safe manor, professional conduct is mandatory in every circumstance. All students sign the school’s Policies and Procedures prior to enrollment and receive a copy upon enrollment for their records.  Violation of any rules will result in disciplinary action, suspension, or termination. When a student has previously violated the same or similar rules, that student will be subject to immediate termination. Students that lack the proper aptitude, attitude, and professional conduct for the course of beauty culture will be so advised and their training discontinued.