the founder

the founder


ECRU Lifestyle Beauty was founded by Carmen DePasquale, who was born and raised in Paterson, NJ. After serving in the US Air Force in the 1960’s, he began to search for a “career.” Unsure of what he wanted to do, he was influenced by family members in the beauty industry and became a stylist. It was then that his entrepreneurial spirit was ignited! Forty five years later, with a world-renown salon and spa, an accredited cosmetology school, a professional distributorship, and five unique, self-manufactured lifestyle beauty brands, the Circle of Beauty was completed. Amongst receiving other notable awards, Carmen was inducted into the Hall of Leaders, receiving one of the most prestigious honors in the beauty industry.

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“When I developed this collection, I didn’t want to emulate what already existed, I wanted to create products that surpassed everything else…so I combined the best of skincare gredients with the best of haircare to bring forth a new category, COSMETICHAIRCARE.”


“New York Streets is about self-expression… it’s a brand for a culture that does not follow trends but inspires them, influencing the fashions of tomorrow.” Haircare for edgy, artistic, diverse individuals who are committed to expressing their freedom of style.


“The concept of beauty made simple is about creating a palette of always - current hues that resonate with the lifestyles, moods and attitudes of women – enabling them to express their own unique identities in a way that makes them feel their prettiest.”


“The philosophy behind Little Green is simple…I answer the question “What would I use on my own grandchildren?” and I create that.” Formulated For Sensitive Skin Hypoallergenic, Clinically & Dermatologist Tested No Allergens, No Parabens, No Sulfates, Gluten Free. “Little Green products are proudly made in the USA andnot tested on animals...only on my grandchildren.


CURES represents a collection of skincare and bodycare products that are curative and corrective. Our goal is to focus on skin conditions and not on skin types. CURES has created services and treatments that treat the root cause of the condition, offering long-term results.


Lakmé is a company inspired by beauty. Our principles are based entirely on improving and maintaining the integrity of the hair. With Lakme’s products, we are able to bring these values to fruition allowing for professional creativity and infinite possibilities in both color and style.


Experience the next generation of waxing. RICA is a natural wax from Italy derived from plants, fruits & vegetables. Rica Waxes are vastly superior hair removal products that provide a gentler, much more enjoyable experience.


DePasquale The Spa, a revolutionary beauty and wellness environment. DePasquale The Spa is the flagship salon and spa for all of the ECRU Lifestyle Beauty brands. This world-renown 26,000 square foot concept salon has over 150 employees and services over 2,500 clients weekly.