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In accordance with the Enrollment Agreement, regular attendance is mandatory. Students are informed of their class schedule prior to enrollment and it is their responsibility to ensure they are attending school on a regular basis. Artistic Academy of Hair Design requires all students to maintain a minimum of an 80% attendance rate in order for the student to maintain satisfactory progress. The student is permitted 3 lates each month without penalty. All lates are considered absent hours. Upon 4th late, the student will not be allowed to be in attendance for the day. In accordance with New Jersey State law, Artistic Academy of Hair Design does not grant hours for school not attended. Students are given 10% of their total contracted hours to utilize for illness or personal reasons. The student must complete their total hours of instruction in order to graduate, however, they are not penalized should they accrue less than 10% of absenteeism. Any additional absent hours accrued over the 10% allotment will be subject to a charge of $18 per hour overtime fee. The fee is assessed and charged at the time of the student's contracted date of graduation. Should the student enter overtime, anytime thereafter, failure to complete the minimum weekly contracted hours will result in additional over time charges.

All absent hours must be made up during the school's designated make-up schedule. Make-up work is associated directly with any missed theory or practical work and students are expected to work diligently during make-up hours. Make-up hours are available Monday-Wednesday from 3:30PM-5:30PM. Make-up hours may be cancelled for in-service purposes; prior notice will be given to students.

A student who must be absent for a period of 7 calendar days (one week) up to 30 calendar days may request a leave of absence. A LOA is an approved temporary interruption of training and the student will not be assessed any additional institutional charges as a result of the LOA. The National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences' (NACCAS) policy states that leaves of absences may not exceed a total of 180 days in any 12-month period; however, it is Artistic Academy’s policy that only one leave of absence, not exceeding a total of 30 calendar days, will be granted during the student’s contracted enrollment. If a LOA is approved, the student’s contract period will be extended by the same number of days taken in the LOA. Changes to the contract period will be adjusted accordingly on the student's enrollment agreement upon the student's return and will require initials by student and administrator.

All LOA requests must be submitted to the administration at least one week prior to the beginning of LOA date for approval. Only in unforeseen circumstances will an LOA request be reviewed with less than a one week notice (e.g. injury in an accident, or sudden illness). An institution may grant an LOA to a student who did not provide the request prior to the LOA due to unforeseen circumstances if the institution documents the reason for its decision and collects the request from the student at a later date. In this example, the beginning date of the approved LOA would be determined by the institution to be the first date the student was unable to attend the institution because of the accident.

To request a LOA the request must be in written form and include the following:

  • Reason for the LOA

  • Beginning and Ending Dates

  • ​Student’s Signature and Date

The Director of Artistic Academy will review the academic and attendance performance of all students who request a LOA. Should the LOA be approved, all items stored in the student's locker must be removed prior to the beginning date of the student's LOA. A student granted an LOA is not considered to have withdrawn from their course of study; no refund calculation will be provided. Students granted a LOA are expected to return on their approved return date, failure to return on expected return date shall result in immediate termination. In the event that student fails to return on expected date or student takes an unapproved LOA, the student's last day of attendance will be used as the withdrawal date in the refund calculation. Any student on an approved Leave of Absence who notifies the school that they will not be returning the withdrawal date will be the date the student notifies the institution. No changes will be made to the student's enrollment agreement should the student not return.


Prior to consideration for re-enrollment the student’s account from any previous enrollment agreement must be satisfied unless they are eligible to receive Title IV funds which will not be disbursed until a student is accepted for re-enrollment. Title IV funds may only be disbursed if the student is maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress, therefore, the student must have maintained an 80% attendance rate and GPA of 75% upon their last date of attendance.

Once the account has been satisfied, the student must inform the school in writing of their wishes to return and complete their program of study. The written letter must indicate their intent to complete the program if given the opportunity to re-enroll. The written letter must also address what obstacles led the student to cancel his/her previous enrollment agreement and it must clearly address how those obstacles will not resurface or impede completion should the student be given the opportunity to re-enroll.


Students who are accepted for re-enrollment and begin accruing hours within 180 days from their last date of attendance will not be charged a $100.00 re-registration fee and the “drop-termination fee” of $150.00 added to the student account upon termination will be reversed. In addition, the tuition will be based on any outstanding balance from the previous contract and any adjusted tuition amount shown on the student’s ledger as “drop out adjustment charges.” This is relevant for any student who completes less than 50% of the course.

Any student accepted for re-enrollment who begins classes after 180 days from their last date of attendance will be assessment tested to determine the amount of hours retained. Prior to start date, any balance from the previous enrollment agreement must be satisfied in addition to a $100.00 re-registration fee. Tuition owed under the secondary enrollment agreement will be determined by the amount of hours the student will need to complete multiplied by the current hourly rate of the program.

Consideration and acceptance for re-enrollment will be a one-time occurrence. Students who fail to complete the program after being re-accepted will no longer be eligible for re-enrollment in.


Artistic Academy of Hair Design will not tolerate any infringement of copyright laws or illegal downloading, including peer-to-peer file sharing. Student will be subject to Artistic Academy of Hair Design’s disciplinary measures and may be subject to civil and criminal liabilities. For more information on copyright infringement policies visit:


1200 Hour Cosmetology Course, 600 Hour Aesthetics Course & 500 Hour Student Teaching Course.
Full Time: Monday-Friday           9:00AM-3:30PM        30 hours weekly



Classes are held through the year with no formal closing period. Should a holiday fall on a start date, classes will begin the following day.

Registration for a class is on a first come, first serve basis. Once a class reaches the maximum capacity it is considered closed and the student may register for the next class session.


New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve.  (Please note: additional holidays or school closures may be added at the discretion of the school.)


All students are given a nametag to be worn on the upper left-hand side of their scrubs. If the student

loses, or does not have his or her nametag, the student must purchase one in the administrative offices before being admitted to class ($5.00 per nametag).


All students will wear scrubs (color determined by level of training- underclassmen/senior level)

Scrubs MUST be purchased directly through FIGS ( See below for approved options:



Caterina One Pocket Scrub Top

Casma Three Pocket Scrub Top

Rafaela Oversized Scrub Top



Kade Cargo Scrub Pants

Zamora Jogger Scrub Pants

High waisted Zamora Jogger Scrub Pants


Cosmetology Students-

Underclassmen Cosmetology students are defined as students with 0-600 hours:

Silver Arrows scrubs with white sneakers

Senior Cosmetology students are defined as students from 601-1200 hours:

Black scrubs with black OR white sneakers


Aesthetics Students-

Underclassmen Aesthetic students are defined as students with 0-300 hours:

Silver Arrows scrubs with white sneakers

Senior Aesthetics students are defined as students from 301-600 hours:

Lavendar haze scrubs with black OR white sneakers


All students may choose to wear a matching fitted long sleeve shirt underneath their designated scrub color. Lavendar Haze scrubs may choose to wear a long white sleeve shirt underneath.

All sneakers worn must be clean, flat, rubber-soled shoes with closed toe and heel.


Student Teachers must wear navy blue scrubs with white or black sneakers

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