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❛❛ Artistic Academy has fully prepared me to be in the salon. I’m excited and confident in the knowledge I’ve gained from my educators. The teachers make your learning experience feel like a team effort. Coming to Artistic Academy was definitely one of my best decisions!


❛❛ I am so proud to be an Artistic Academy student! Not only am I receiving the best education possible in the industry, but I am also connected to a reputable name that will follow me throughout my career. The education and confidence I have gained in this short amount of time is irreplaceable!


❛❛ An education at Artistic Academy is a dream come true! I never understood why I only received lectures in college and high school, and never any real life experiences. Here I have had the opportunity to practice hair and nail techniques on classmates that I will be doing on the job as a licensed cosmetologist. Having started in April, I had the opportunity to do a gel manicure a month in to my education at the Beauty-a-Thon and got a glimpse of what my life will be in the salon. Artistic Academy instills a professional attitude while allowing room for fun in doing something we love. I am confident that the next few months will be amazing, especially working in the Student Salon and Spa and that I will be well prepared to work at a salon all because of Artistic Academy.


❛❛ My time at Artistic Academy has been very beneficial and rewarding. I’ve learned so much and gained so much confidence in the aesthetics field. I feel completely prepared to enter the working world and share my skills and passion. I absolutely would recommend Artistic Academy to anyone looking for the best education!


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