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In order for a student to graduate from chosen course, he or she must complete the minimum hours of training required by the NJ State Board of Cosmetology, all written and practical exams, and all clinical minimum requirements and satisfy all tuition obligations.  Upon meeting the above requirement and all fees and charges have been satisfied, the student will receive a diploma from The Artistic Academy of Hair Design, reflecting his or her achievement.
Licensing is governed by the rules and regulations of the New Jersey State Board of Cosmetology and Hairstyling, Division of Consumer Affairs. The state may refuse to grant a license on various grounds including, but not limited to, prior convictions, fraud, false statements on applications and default of student loans. Federal law limits the issuance or renewal of professional or occupational licenses or certificates to U.S. citizens or qualified aliens. Students who do not have documented authority to work in the United States will not be eligible to apply for licensure. The Artistic Academy of Hair Design is not responsible for students denied licensure.

Per the NJ State Board regulations, individuals may not be dually licensed in the State of New Jersey.

Students holding a Cosmetology License enrolled in the Aesthetics program understand that they will not sit for the Aesthetics License as the Cosmetology License encompasses: hairstyling, barbering, manicuring, pedicuring and aesthetics. Enrollment in the aesthetics program will be advanced education for the student.

Students holding an Aesthetics License enrolled in the Cosmetology program understand that they must forfeit their Aesthetics License in order to sit for the Cosmetology License as the Cosmetology License supersedes and encompasses: hairstyling, barbering, manicuring, pedicuring and aesthetics.
To apply for State Licensing, a student must be at least 17 years of age, have a high school diploma or its equivalent, and have complete the required hours of the course from which he or she enrolled.
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