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​The Artistic Academy of Hair Design will provide the program of study that meets minimum curriculum requirements as prescribed by the state of New Jersey.

For states outside of New Jersey: the institution has not made a determination on whether the program meets other states' educational/licensure requirements.

Information regarding other states requirements can be found at the following link: ​

The Artistic Academy of Hair Design does not provide training or activities out-of-state. All programs offered at the institution lead to professional licensure in the state of New Jersey. All students, including those who live in bordering states, are notified prior to enrollment that education received at The Artistic Academy of Hair Design follows the New Jersey State Board of Cosmetology and Hairstyling regulations which require 1200 hours of education for Cosmetology, 600 hours of education for Aesthetics and 500 hours of education for Student teaching.
The institution makes information available to students and applicants regarding the hour requirements in other states (via the Consumer Information disclosures page on our website) * and recommend that all applicants and students familiarize themselves with the comparison of other states' regulations and hours required for licensure, as applicable.
Additionally, the Transfer Policy indicates that The Artistic Academy of Hair Design does not guarantee transferability of credits earned to any other institution." Per the transfer policy on the website and in the catalog, our curriculum has not been reviewed for compliance with other states' professional licensure requirements.

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